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Custom Paper Straws


Custom logo paper straws are a unique and eco-friendly way to promote your brand or business while also contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. These straws are made from paper material that is biodegradable and compostable, ensuring that they do not harm the environment when disposed of. Additionally, by adding your company’s logo or design to the straws, you can create a personalized and memorable experience for your customers while also showing your commitment to sustainability. Custom logo paper straws made by NFD PAPER are an excellent choice for businesses that want to make a positive impact on the environment and create a lasting impression with their customers.

Here are steps can help you make your own custom paper straw:

Choose a reputable supplier

Look for a supplier that specializes in custom paper straws and has a good reputation for quality and reliability. For instance, NFD PAPER could be a great choice.

Design your straw

Work with a designer to create a unique and eye-catching design that reflects your brand and messaging. Consider the color scheme, logo placement, and any other branding elements you want to include. If you have problem with it, we have professional design department to help you, the only thing you need to do is send us your logo.

Select the straw size and type

Paper straws come in various sizes and types, so choose the one that fits your needs best. Consider the beverage type, straw usage, and overall aesthetic when selecting the size and type. Straight/sharp end/bendable can all be customized.3 layers and 4 layers can also be choose according to your needs.

Printing and design

Traditional straws simply wrap around or spiral up the straw with your logo. Vertical prints print up and down the straw, without wrapping around. Minimum order quantities are 100,000 pcs for vertical printing while the spiral printing can be 100 pcs only. Please make sure to review the design, quantity, and delivery time to ensure accuracy.

Determine the quantity and delivery time:

Decide on the number of straws you need and when you need them. Usually, our MOQ can be 100 pcs , and it might needs 7-9 work days for lead time. Keep in mind that larger quantities may take longer to produce, so plan accordingly.

Packaging request

NFD PAPER offer wrapped or unwrapped packaging service. You can even make a custom printing outside the package if you need.

Wait for production and delivery: Once your order is placed, production will begin. Depending on the size of the order, it may take several weeks or even months to complete. Be sure to communicate with the supplier throughout the process to stay updated on the progress.

Enjoy your custom straws

Once the straws are delivered, start using them and promoting your brand in an eco-friendly way!

Below is the guide for you to help you choose the perfect paper straw:

NFD Paper Straw


Email your logo and design requirements to for a quote.


3 layers VS 4 layers? Which one is better?

The primary difference between 3 layers paper straw and 4 layers paper straw is the number of layers of paper used in their construction.

3 layers paper straws are typically made up of three layers of paper, with the innermost layer being food-grade material, the middle layer being a bonding agent, and the outermost layer providing strength and durability.

4 layers paper straws, on the other hand, have an additional layer that can provide additional strength and durability. This additional layer may be a wax coating, a water-resistant coating, or an extra layer of paper.

The additional layer in 4 layers paper straws can make them more resistant to moisture and bending, which can be beneficial in situations where the straws will be used for extended periods of time or with cold or wet drinks. However, they may also be more expensive than 3 layers paper straws.

Ultimately, the choice between 3 layers and 4 layers paper straws will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Wrapped or Unwrapped? It is a question!

preferences of the customer. As a paper straw supplier, NFD PAPER would provide both options and highlight the benefits of each to help our customers make an informed decision.

Below are some points you can have a reference.

Hygiene: Wrapped paper straws provide an extra layer of protection against germs and bacteria during transportation and storage. The individual wrapping ensures that the straws remain clean and free from any contaminants.

Convenience: Unwrapped paper straws can be more convenient for customers who want to grab a straw quickly and easily. However, wrapped straws can also be convenient in certain situations, such as for large events or catering, where they can be easily distributed and stored.

Sustainability: Both wrapped and unwrapped paper straws can be sustainable options, as they are biodegradable and compostable. However, some customers may prefer wrapped straws that are made from sustainable materials and have minimal packaging.

Branding: Wrapped paper straws provide an opportunity for branding and customization. Companies can print their logo or message on the wrapper, creating a unique and memorable experience for customers.

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